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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Skinhead Master/slave relationships

The gay skinhead scene has many sides, but one side seldom discussed is the skinhead Master/slave relationship. The bootboi is usually considered a sub or slave and many have lasting relationships with Dom or Master skinheads. Most have developed this relationship from a love/sexual relationship discovering the bootboi sub along the way and developing it over time. Some subs eagerly seek out Dom skinheads and start as weekend or temporary slaves, living separate lives untill they both realise they need to be constantly together.

The skinhead Master/slave relationship is no different to the many Master/slave relationships in the straight and gay communities, but becomes more specific to the skinhead culture and way of life. Both partners are skinheads from the start and already are part of the culture and finding each other through the usual gay encounters of pubs, parties and clubs. The Dominant partner will always exercise control of any sub or slave they find even if for a night or weekend, but when the relationship extends past that, a division of the relationship evolves and usually a relationship becomes evident. The piss boi, the bootboi or just the slave, all show their traits quickly and Masters see the potential for Domination. Time is what tells the two if the relationship will evolve to a more permanant lifestyle or not. This is usually not to whether the sub will obey but to whether the Dom or Master wants this sub or slave for his own. Not all Masters like all subs/slaves. A slaves willingness is only as good as his willingness to submitt to that particular Dom/Master. Chemistry will always play a part.

Many Dom/Masters will say chemistry is not important for a slave to serve, but without it a slave cannot serve with vigor and vitality. The slave must want to serve and to serve that Master, to love his Master and want to give his Master every desire his Master wishes. A skinhead Master needs to know his slave will make sure his Master will always look good, to his clothing presentation to his Boots sparkling and his slave's love showing in every look and move the slave makes. The slave also has to look immaculate, his boots also sparkling so that his Masters friends and squad know he is proud of his Master and wants his Master to be held in the highest esteeme of his friends and aquaintencies. Yes, a skinhead has pride both in his slef and his roots as a working man, but that does not mean he should neglect himself. His slave/sub will ensure he looks like a king wherever he goes. Long live bootbois and their Masters.


  1. i am a gay Skinhead slave in the USA and it's SO DIFFICULT to find other Skinheads at all never mind a Skinhead Master. Any tips on how and where to find them in the USA or should i finally just give up and consider relocating to the UK or some other European Country?

  2. i am a skinhead slave/dogslave in usa to have had my best scenes in Germany and England and crave to find an American skinhead Master. i have a hard time anymore serving anyone but a Skinhead because after 2 weeks of being a skinhead dogslave in Germany it really altered what i need and crave

    1. Get in touch. I'm looking for a slave